ITO's latest events...

Another Halloween has passed that the ITO didn't terrorize. Indeed, I
remember the times when bits of smashed pumpkin littered Sonoma Avenue for
days and old folks would yell, "stop that guy in the turban," after our
cloak-and-turbaned-clad founder sprinted off like a deer after taking a
whole tray of King sized Snickers. A rusty butcher knife was our weapons
then, and it proved up to the challenge of re-carving and chopping the
handiwork of Albany's finest white kids. Before that, let us not forget the
exploits of D.V., who thought that pumpkins were sturdy enough to withstand
his pintsized body jumping on them, but would alas, warp and shatter under
the pressure. A little 90 pound Indian pocket-rocket proved to be a
proficient weapon. And even before that, when bro Rooz and I were just
little rufless terrorists, we would terrorize Halloween by pretending we had
a sick sister at home and collecting candy for her. Imagine that, the ITO
using psychological warfare to overcome our lack of physical size to
terrorize Halloween. Yes, the ITO has moved on to bigger and better
projects, but we must not forget our humble roots which sowed the seeds of
the faine organization we are today. Much as the infamous Grinch who stole
Christmas, so too, did the ITO steal Halloween.

Over and out,

Hear dish! Hear Dish...all yee hear dish!
I was a fortunate man indeed to have witnessed a classic ITO moment
this past Saturday at a party on 62 Baker Street. As the party was
dieing out and when da crew realized there be a shortage of ripe,
meaty, GAP,leave it to the fellas to start promoting the up-and-coming
fortune 500! Indeed it was waise to show the foos that
da will be a ruthless website and on its way to going public. At
hand were one of da founders of the site, Prezzz. Financial, CFO, Jr. Pimp
represented the goods to da Venture Capitalist foos. Director of International
and Paki Affairs truly bridged the gap (no pun intended) between da various
races at hand. At times doh, the folk got a little out of hand and so he
had to employ his special lenses to strike fear in the hearts of the chiggas.
Of course, when it came to the anglo-saxon business, utiliaized help
from da man...

Go back to da ghetto!!!!