Da ITO's Farsonics Dictionary...
what we say what you may say
ain't isn't
Ah I
Ahmo I will, I'm going to
aks ask
ayt all right
big daddy fat shit, large penis, or a large person
bof both
bust a left turn left
bust a right turn right
bust a u do a u-turn
bust on exciting video game session
butt nugget feces
chu say? what did you say?
coo cool
'cos of course
da the
deh there
dems them
doh though
erotilicious sexy, erotic
ezgam examination
faine fine
fellas homeys (soft); as in: friends (whitey)
fantabulous fabulous
fink think
gap pussy (soft); as in: pretty girl (whitey)
Gordos the finest cuisine
guacamole the greatest condiment of all time
haddit have it, had it
haddo have to
hard tough
hallelujah see O Lo'd
huntin' going out for gaps
imspellins misspelling
izz you leevz? are you leaving?
izza is
know'somn'doh know what? (soft); as in: guess what (whitey)
know'wha'ahm'sayin'doh get it? (soft); as in: do you catch my drift (whitey)
laike like
let's mow-zi on outa heeya let's get out of here
lu' dat love that (soft); as in: that's great! (whitey)
Lo'd Lord; see "O Lo'd"
keer-koloft applies to all male ITO members; one with a thick penis
mo more
mofo, mo-fuckeh mother fucker
occifer cop, police officer
o deh, o deh heeya over there
O Lo'd Jesus Christ (soft); as in oh my God (whitey)
pimp See Big Mak "Pimp Daddy," o Babba Goondoo "Junior Pimp"
pok crackas cops
realaize realize
recognaize recognize
ribbed (rib' - bed) As in: ribbed condoms
rufless ruthless
sexilicious sexy; see "erotilicious"
shiyet shit, feces
shmo some more
sho sure
sho nuf sure enough
shoo sure
Sup what's up (soft); as in: how are you (whitey)
thang thing
Wha'chu iz? what's up with that (soft); as in: what your problem pal? (whitey)
Who dat? Who is that?
Why y'all up in mah biness what's up wid dat (soft); Hey, leave me alone (whitey)
we ain't trippin we are not upset
Word see "Sup" or as in "goodbye"
Word to da trigga long See "Word"
yo' right you're correct
yum-yum-chum fine dining

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